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NEW FEATURE in Wix! Enable multi-service appointments

Wix recently rolled out a functionality that many service businesses have been waiting for: the ability to enable multi-service appointments for online bookings. Here are the steps to enable this in your Wix account.

1. Access your Wix Settings

First, log into your Wix dashboard and on the left-hand side menu, click on 'Settings'.

2. Find Booking settings

Within the Settings menu, click on 'Booking Settings' option.

3. Discover Multi-service appointments

You will land on a page with a short list of options, one of which is called 'Multi-Service Appointments.' This was not there before! Click on it.

4. Toggle on and save

With a simple toggle, activate the feature and click 'Save.'

That's it! The only thing left now is to notify your clients, who will surely appreciate this extra easy way of booking your services.


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