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DIY Digital Marketing for Health, Beauty & Wellness Businesses | Webulous

From Clicks to Clients

Little to no marketing budget in your business? Good news! There's a lot you can do by yourself before you start spending any money.

Follow this step-by-step guidebook to go from low online visibility to top of Google search and converting website visitors to clients.

How to get more good quality website traffic without spending any money

key things you need to do to convert website visitors to clients or customers

Suitable for service businesses in the health, beauty & wellness industry

Tailored to busy solo business owners who need to DIY digital marketing

"Jana is truly a gifted systems girl and organizer. She showed me systems that helped turn my big picture into bite-sized tasks that I could check off my list in an organised way."

webulous | St-Cergue

Dana Garced, Meditation Mentor

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My name is Jana Bachollet, I have over 15 years of experience in web design, website management and digital marketing: from search engine optimisation, email marketing and lead generation to advertising.

I’ve managed international websites, worked at a digital marketing agency, I was Head of SEO for 18 European markets and I've been running this business since 2016.


My biggest strength is the ability to clearly explain, show and teach people how to use tools and tactics that help them grow their business.

DIY Digital Marketing for Health, Beauty & Wellness Businesses | Webulous
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webulous | St-Cergue
webulous | St-Cergue

St-Cergue, Switzerland

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