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How to Create a New Service in Wix

Today, I'll guide you through the process of creating a new booking service on your Wix website. Whether you're running a salon, offering coaching services, or any other business that involves appointments, Wix makes it easy to manage bookings efficiently. Let's dive in!

1. Install the Booking Services app

First thing's first: if you haven't installed the Booking Services app yet, simply head over to your Wix dashboard and click "Edit Site" in the top right corner. Once your website opens, click on the plus sign (top left), and select "Bookings." Give it a moment to install, and you're ready to proceed to the next step.

2. Add a New Service

Back on your Wix dashboard, click on "Booking Services." Click on the option to "Add a new service" at the top right.

3. Customize service details

Choose a template that aligns with your business type. Suppose you're running a hair salon; you might select a template like "Classic Haircut." Click on "Edit," and you'll find fields to fill in crucial details like service name, tagline, description, duration, buffer time, and payment options.

4. Set booking preferences

Now, configure the service's location, specify staff members offering the service, and add captivating images or a gallery showcasing your work. Fine-tune booking preferences, including cancellation policies and online booking acceptance.

5. Optimize for SEO and social sharing

Enhance your service's visibility by optimizing for search engines. Customize display settings, categorize services, and make your service easily shareable on social media. This step ensures your service stands out when shared on various platforms. Bonus Tip: Utilize the SEO settings to improve your service's search engine ranking. A well-optimized URL slug, title tag, and meta description can work wonders for attracting potential clients.

And there you have it - a new service integrated into your Wix website. Wix makes the process straightforward, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing top-notch services to your clients.


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