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Wix Tutorial: How to Edit SEO on Your Blog Posts

Enhance the visibility of your blog posts on search engines! In this tutorial, I'll guide you through the process of optimizing your Wix blog posts for SEO. Let's dive into the key steps:

1. Open a blog post

Start by logging into your Wix dashboard. On the left-hand side, navigate to the "Blog" section and choose the specific post you want to optimize. Click on "Edit" on the right-hand side to open the blog post.

2. Look for SEO tab

This tutorial focuses on the technical aspects of SEO. Access these SEO settings by clicking on the "SEO" option, which presents four tabs: Assistant, Basics, Advanced, and Social Share.

3. Basics of SEO optimization

In the "Basics" tab, follow these steps:

  • Optimize the URL: ensure it includes relevant keywords that reflect the content of the blog post.

  • Revise title tag: match the title tag with the blog post's content, incorporating keywords for improved visibility on Google.

  • Craft a compelling meta description: create a meta description that not only includes keywords but also encourages users to click on the search result.

4. Indexing and social sharing

Toggle the option to "Let search engines index this page" to guarantee your blog post is visible on search engines. The social share tab determines how your post appears when shared on social media platforms, utilizing the title, description, and image.

5. Categorization and tags

Effectively organize your content by assigning the blog post to relevant categories. Additionally, add up to 30 tags (which are basically keywords) that describe the content, and location-related terms for optimal search engine optimization.

6. Publish changes

After making these SEO changes, click "Publish" to apply the optimizations. Then you can move on to the next post if needed.

Take the time to optimize each post individually, and watch as your content rises in search engine rankings.


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