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Rise to the Top of Google: DIY Wix SEO

Get found on Google with these SEO changes you can make by yourself on Wix. The step-by-step guide for service business owners and entrepreneurs who want the power to transform their online presence without breaking the bank. 👩🏻‍💻 Why DIY: This e-course is crafted exclusively for service-based businesses like beauty salons, life coaches, yoga teachers, massage therapists etc. I will take you step by step through making SEO changes on your Wix website. No tech overwhelm, no budget constraints – just easy, actionable steps to ensure your websites rises to the top of Google search results for the keywords of your choice. 🎯 Course outline: This is a self-paced e-course that you can go through whenever you want. It contains 16 videos and a library of resources: 1. Welcome 2. Choosing your keywords 3. Keyword brainstorm with ChatGPT 4. Checking your current Google ranking 5. Wix settings: Business info 6. Wix settings: Website settings 7. Your homepage: how to optimize the content & how to use headings 8. All other pages: how to optimize the content & image galleries 9. Your homepage: SEO settings 10. All other pages: SEO settings 11. Blog posts: how to optimize your content 12. Blog posts: SEO settings 13. Optimizing your booking services 14. WIX SEO checklist 15. Request Google page indexing 16. Thank you 🙇🏻‍♀️ This course is for you, if: ✅ You have a service-based business ✅ Your website is built on Wix (on a premium plan, not a free site) ✅ You don't have a big budget to pay a consultant or an agency to optimize your website ✅ You have basic knowledge of Wix 🚀 Results you can expect: Results vary depending on the keywords you choose to optimize for, the number of competitors in your geographical area and what they do to optimize their website so results cannot be predicted. But if you haven't optimized your website yet, and you make all the changes that I show you, I guarantee that your website will rise significantly in organic search results!

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