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Online Advertising Dashboard - Google Sheets Template

Online Advertising Dashboard - Google Sheets Template

Online Advertising Dashboard [Google Sheets]: Reporting on Performance by Channel, Year, Campaign and Month


Maximize your online advertising efforts with this comprehensive Online Advertising Dashboard Google Sheet! This powerful tool allows you to track and analyze the performance of your ad campaigns with ease, providing valuable insights to optimize your marketing strategy.


Key Features:

✅ Track ad performance metrics: Monitor key metrics such as clicks, conversions, and cost per conversion for each campaign.

✅ Analyze data by year, month, and channel: Gain a clear understanding of your advertising performance over time and across different marketing channels.

✅ Automatic calculations: Save time and eliminate errors with built-in formulas that automatically calculate important metrics and KPIs.

✅ Customizable dashboard: Tailor the dashboard to your specific needs by adding or removing metrics, charts, and graphs.

✅ Easy-to-use interface: User-friendly design makes it simple to input data, navigate the dashboard, and interpret results.

✅ Instant insights: Quickly identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement to enhance your advertising strategy.

✅ Formatted for US$ but can be quickly changed to any currency (under menu Format > Number)


What's tracked:

🔍 3 channels: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn - which you can easily swap for other channels

🔍 5 campaigns: Campaign A, B, C, D and E - which you can easily rename (example: "May 2024 E-book Freebie"

🔍 Ad spend per month, per campaign, per year and per channel

🔍 Number of clicks

🔍 Number of leads / conversions

🔍 Cost per lead / conversion


Whether you're running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other online advertising campaigns, this Dashboard is the perfect tool to track performance, measure success, and drive better results.

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